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Robert M. La Follette
School of Public Affairs
1225 Observatory Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Telephone:  608.262.3581
Fax: 608.265.3233

Last updated:
October 8, 2013


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Degree Programs: Accelerated Program

Undergraduate students who would like to work in government or other public affairs areas can jump-start their careers with a master's degree from UW-Madison La Follette School of Public Affairs. The accelerated program allows an undergraduate to begin taking advanced public affairs courses during their final year of their undergraduate program. They complete the master's with one graduate year.

Eligible undergraduates at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in a variety of disciplines can receive a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree after four years of study and a master's degree after the fifth graduate year. The master's degree may be the Master of Public Affairs (MPA) or the Master of International Public Affairs (MIPA).

Accelerated students have full access to the academic advising and career placement services provided to La Follette School students.

Admissions information for the accelerated program


Sample Curriculum, Public Affairs

Final Undergraduate Year:

Summer Between Senior Year and Graduate School

Fifth Year as Graduate Student

Sample Curriculum: International Public Affairs


Final Undergraduate Year

Summer Between Final Year and Graduate School

Fifth Year as Graduate Student


Both La Follette School accelerated master's degrees require 31 credits. An undergraduate may earn 7 credits toward a master's degree, and then take the next 24 credits as a graduate student.

Participating undergraduate departments are urged to count the public affairs graduate courses taken at the La Follette School in the student's final undergraduate year toward the undergraduate major. Those departments may designate on a case-by-case basis which courses would be counted.