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Robert M. La Follette
School of Public Affairs
1225 Observatory Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Telephone:  608.262.3581
Fax: 608.265.3233

Last updated:
September 12, 2014


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Degree Programs: Public Affairs Courses and Syllabi

Courses outside public affairs recommended by La Follette School students

PA 420 Administrative Law

PA 548 Economics of Health Care

PA 765 Issues in Educational Policy Analysis

PA 795 Economics of Education: fall 2011

PA 799 Independent Reading

PA 800 Professional Development Workshop (Fall)

PA 802 Public Affairs Seminar Series

PA 809 Introduction to Energy Analysis and Policy (Fall)

PA 810 Energy Analysis Seminar (no syllabus available for this capstone project seminar) (Spring)

PA 818 Introduction to Quantitative Methods for Public Policy Analysis

PA 819 Advanced Quantitative Methods for Public Policy (Spring)

PA 820 Community Economic Analysis

PA 827 Administrative Internship

PA 830 School Finance and Resource Allocation

PA 850 International Governance (Fall)

PA 854 Macroeconomic Policy and International Financial Regulation (Spring)

PA 856 Trade, Competition, and Governance in a Global Economy

PA 857 Political Economy of Corruption and Good Governance

PA 860 Workshop in International Public Affairs (workshop reports from previous years) (Spring)

PA 864 Health Policy and Policy Design

PA 866 Global Environmental Governance (Spring)

PA 869 Workshop in Public Affairs
(workshop reports from previous years) (Spring)

PA 871 Public Program Evaluation (Fall)

PA 873 Introduction to Policy Analysis (Fall, Spring): Nemet section, Herd section, Wallace section

PA 874 The Policymaking Process (Spring)

PA 875 Public Personnel Administration (Fall)

PA 878 Introduction to Public Management (Fall, Spring)

PA 880 Microeconomic Policy Analysis (Fall)

PA 881 Cost-Benefit Analysis (Fall)

PA 882 Social Welfare Policy and Management

PA 883 Politics of Poverty, Inequality and Social Policy

PA 885 Advanced Public Management (Fall)

PA 887 Non-Profit Leadership (Spring)

PA 888 Comparative and National Social Policy

PA 890 Federal Budget and Tax Policy and Administration

PA 891 State and Local Government Finance (Fall)

PA 892 Public Budgeting 2014

PA 895 Performance Management

PA 974 Special Topics in Public Affairs

Courses Outside Public Affairs

La Follette School students can take electives that are relevant to their interests from the many departments. Courses are commonly taken from these departments:

Agricultural and Applied Economics

General Business


Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis

Educational Policy Studies

Environmental Studies

Finance and Investment Banking


Human Development and Family Studies

Human Ecology


Library and Information Studies

Management and Human Resources


Political Science

Population Health Sciences

Public Health

Rural Sociology

Social Work


Transportation and Public Utilities

Urban and Regional Planning