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Child care, women's labor supply to be discussed

Child care in Australia and its relationship to women’s labor supply is the subject of a noon seminar on Tuesday, December 4, in the La Follette School conference room.

Robert Breunig, a senior lecturer with Australian National University's College of Business and Economics, will look at the relationship between female labor supply and child care in Australia. He will examine questions relating to the relationship between child-care availability, quality and cost of child care and women’s labor supply. He uses a variety of modeling strategies that include reduced form labor supply equations, linear labor supply models where child care is treated only as a cost of working, and a complete structural model where labor supply and child care are jointly modeled, the relationship between constraints on hours of work and child care are fully accounted for, and child care is allowed to be an input into the production of child quality as well as a cost of working. He provides elasticity estimates for Australia and applies the model to a recent government reform to child care in Australia.

— posted November 28, 2012