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Orientation activities draw good turnout

Incoming and continuing students participated in a variety of activities August 29-September 1. The La Follette School Student Association organized volunteer and social activities that complemented the school's formal orientation. Activites included a picnic at the La Follette School, volunteer work at the university arboretum, a campfire on Picnic Point and happy hours at the Terrace at Memorial Union. Activities on Saturday include a trip to the zoo and outdoor games.

Below: incoming students participate in a trivia icebreaker that LSSA organized during the orientation program August 30.

People sitting at tables, raising their hands and laughing.

Eight new and four continuing students volunteered at the arboretum on August 29, cutting brush and removing invasive plant species from prairie and savanna restoration areas. The activity was LSSA’s first community service event of the year.

A woman holding a clipper and smilig broadly.

Left: First-year student Christa Pugh hauls brush. Below: First-year student Erik Bakken, right, supervises while others tackle a ligneous invader.

Three people clipping or removing plants with a man watching, left hand on hip.

A woman pulling some leaves

One man sawing a small tree while another pushes down on trunk

Above left: Michaela Meckel fusses with some foliage. Above right: Phil Sletten applies pressure while Erik Bakken works on a tree. Below left: Ryan Eisner (left) wields clippers while Lacee Koplin (right) keeps her distance. We are not sure what Dan Marlin (center) is doing. Below right (from left): Joann Wong, Kaitlin Corkran and Selina Eadie.

One man standing and holding clippers, one woman standing with her back to camera, one man crouching behind some plants.


Three women sitting
Twelve people standing in the arboretum.

Students, staff and a couple of professors gathered for a picnic at the La Follette School to conclude the August 30's orientation activities. Student services coordinator and LSSA officers report a good turnout.

People serving themselves food at a table outside.

People eating at tables outside.

— posted August 31, 2012