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Faculty share expertise in media, at conferences

La Follette School faculty are sharing their expertise on the radio, in the press, with government agencies and at conferences and seminars around the world.

National Public Radio’s series on wealth, poverty and the middle class includes comments from Tim Smeeding. He appeared in the February 26 segment that introduced NPR’s wealth and poverty beat. On March 1, Smeeding discussed how the definition of middle class has changed. On March 5, Smeeding discussed with the Capital Times the difficulties people in their 20s with little job training and education have in finding work that pays enough for a middle-class lifestyle.

Douglas Harris appeared on the nationally syndicated public radio show “To the Point” on February 28. He discussed New York City’s value-added teacher evaluations that are based on student test scores and adjusted to more accurately reflect educator contributions.

Susan Yackee has been working with the Environmental Protection Agency to increase citizen participation in regulatory policymaking.

The World Bank commissioned Donald Moynihan to write a research note, “Performance Management in U.S. State Governments,” published in February in the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network’s PREMNotes.

Greg Nemet plans to give two talks in Europe in March. He will participate in an expert workshop for the European Commission on “Learning Curves for Policy Support” in Amsterdam. At the Centre for European Economic Research in Mannheim, Germany, he will present a paper on “Inter-technology Knowledge Spillovers for Energy Technologies” as part of a conference on “The Green Growth Challenge.” In Madison, Nemet will serve as moderator speak at the Wisconsin International Law Journal’s annual symposium on March 23 at the University of Wisconsin Law School. The session, “An Overview of Renewable Energy Policy in China,” starts at 3:45 p.m.

Menzie Chinn gave two presentations in Houston, Texas, on February 24. One talk was at the Hobby Center for Public Policy on the book Lost Decades: The Making of America’s Debt Crisis and the Long Recovery co-authored with Jeffry Frieden of Harvard University. The other was at a Department of Economics seminar at the University of Houston. Chinn was a discussant at an International Monetary Fund conference on "Evaluating (External) Imbalances" in Washington, D.C., on February 2. He participated in the China Economic Society and Chinese Economists Association in North America sessions at the Allied Social Sciences Association meetings in Chicago. He also organized and presided at an International Economics and Finance Association session on Financial Integration and Global Rebalancing. Chinn discussed those proceedings on his Econbrowser blog.

Andrew Reschovsky on was a guest on Wisconsin Public Radio's The Joy Cardine Show on February 27. The topic was whether it is valid to make comparisons between the state government fiscal problems faced by Wisconsin and by Illinois. On February 15, Reschovsky gave a presentation at the Capitol on “Wisconsin's Economic and Budgetary Prospects” as part of the State Government Day of Leadership Fond du Lac, a program for business people organized by the Fond du Lac Area Association of Commerce. The Chicago Tribune and the Minneapolis Star Tribune cited Reschovsky in January. The Chicago article was about Governor Walker and his promise to create 250,000 jobs. The Minneapolis article was on the Twin Cities tax base sharing plan.

Mark Copelovitch gave talks on the eurozone crisis and the future of global financial governance in January. He spoke February 22 at Grinnell College’s symposium on the global financial crisis. On January 17, Copelovitch gave a talk for the Center for International Business Education and Research and the Madison International Trade Association. Video of the talk is available online. He gave a paper on exchange rates and the World Trade Organization at Ohio State University in January a few weeks ago. Video of the talk is available online. He also spoke about the euro crisis at the Global Hot Spots lecture in November.

— posted March 5, 2012; updated March 14, 2012