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Kock joins S.D. Department of Education

Sara Kock

Student profile: Kock wants all children to succeed in school

When her second year as a teacher ended, Sara Kock left her South Dakota school district saying, “I have to do something more to help those children succeed.” Read more

Alum Sara Kock is back in her home state of South Dakota, where she is working as a management analyst for the Department of Education in Pierre.

“I will be working on developing and implementing a state longitudinal data system,” says Kock, who had been working in Milwaukee with the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families since graduating in May 2011 with a master of public affairs. “The data system has many potential uses like calculating student growth, evaluating teachers using student outcomes, and providing feedback to teacher preparation programs. For now, we are in the planning stages.”

In addition, Kock worked with professor Karen Holden on studying gender differences with supplemental retirement savings for Wisconsin state workers. They co-authored “Increasing Retirement Savings by Working Women: Understanding Gender Disparities in Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program Account Balances,” which is available online as a Center for Financial Security working paper. Out of that project came several presentations, including a paper they wrote that Holden gave at the Foundations for International Studies on Social Security conference in Sweden in June 2012. That paper, "Understanding Gender Disparities in Tax-Deferred Retirement Account Balances: Saving through the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program," is available as La Follette School working paper no. 2012-011.

A version of this article appears in the fall 2012 La Follette Notes newsletter for alumni and friends.

— posted July 12, 2012; updated August 20, 2012