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Robert M. La Follette
School of Public Affairs
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Madison, WI 53706

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September 26, 2013


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Public Service and Outreach: Evidence-Based Health Policy Project

The Evidence-Based Health Policy Project advances Wisconsin's health by providing policymakers in the public and private sectors with timely, non-partisan, high-quality information for evidence-based decision-making. The project emphasizes increased involvement of University of Wisconsin – Madison faculty in researching and teaching issues related to state public policy. The project is part of the School of Medicine and Public Health's acceleration of changes in public health and across-sector program development.

The Evidence-Based Health Policy Project is a partnership among the University of Wisconsin – Madison's La Follette School of Public Affairs and the Population Health Institute, and the Wisconsin Legislative Council to bridge medicine and health policy, research and practice, and to link academic research in a meaningful way in service to government and the Wisconsin Legislature.

The project methods are based on the premise that, to make research more applicable to real-world circumstances, researchers must interact with people involved with the provision and funding of health care. This better communication and collaboration will produce work that is more relevant, more timely and presented in formats that benefit policymakers. This will increase the utility of university-generated research and its incorporation into policy and practice.

Public sector participants include members of the Wisconsin Legislature, high-ranking officials of state agencies, members of the governor's staff and academics. From the private sector, this project engages industry executives, physicians, hospitals, insurers and advocates. In this way, the project stimulates dialogue and familiarity among persons from different sectors who might not otherwise cross paths. They then can consider promising arenas for collaborative research and for advancement of public policy.

Methods and venues for sharing information include:

La Follette School faculty involved in the project

Information: La Follette School Outreach Director Terry Shelton,, (608) 262-3038

News about the Evidence-Based Health Policy Project