Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs

The La Follette School Summer Public Affairs Learning Experience Award Program encourages students to strengthen their career preparedness and broaden their placement opportunities by actively seeking rewarding and prestigious internships in federal government agencies, international organizations, or national offices of non-governmental organizations, when these internships offer little or no salary compensation. The stipend is intended to defray some, but not all, of the higher costs of investing in these sorts of internship experiences in Washington, D.C., New York City, other major centers in the United States, and foreign countries. Summer internship support funds are limited. Students are encouraged to invest in the most suitable internship experiences to advance their career goals, even if they are not selected for an award.


To receive internship support, students must enroll in, and pay tuition for PA 827 Administrative Internship. Interns receiving no salary compensation and those whose internships are located in a foreign country or major U.S. metropolitan area outside of Wisconsin and its neighboring states are given priority for awards. The availability of and demand for funds may vary from year to year; thus, the number and size of awards may also vary. Students should not condition internship acceptance on award availability.

A few more important policies to consider in submitting funding support applications:

  1. Students who hold project, research, or teaching assistantships in the spring semester are eligible for full tuition remission during the summer. Full tuition coverage does not preclude students from requesting support.
  2. Summer support does not come with tuition or health insurance benefits. Out-of-state or in-state tuition will be assessed based on the student's tuition status.

Eligibility and Application

Students are eligible for internship support in the summer between their first and second years of study in the Master of Public Affairs or Master of International Public Affairs programs. A call for application to the award program will be made by email to all students early in the spring semester. Students are responsible for submitting on time the necessary information required for consideration. Students may receive no more than three credits for internships; thus, if a student has already received three credits for PA 827, s/he is not eligible for summer support.

Some of the most interesting and competitive summer internships have application deadlines in November. To encourage students to actively search and conscientiously prepare applications for internships, the first deadline for summer internship support is in March. Subsequent deadlines will be determined and communicated by the Career Services Coordinator. Students are encouraged to discuss their application with the Career Services Coordinator before submitting it.

Students should refer to the Student Handbook, section 10.3, La Follette School Summer Internship Support for full program details and requirements .