Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs

PA 827 Administrative Internship


PA 827 Administrative Internship earns La Follette School students academic credits for successful completion of an internship approved before enrollment by the associate director as a suitable professional experience and by the director as suitable for academic credit (see PA 827 Administrative Internship Organization/Student Agreement).

Students may enroll for 1-3 credits of PA 827 by meeting the following minimum work hour guidelines; only a maximum of 3 credits will count toward the La Follette School degree:

  • 3 credits: minimum of 320 hours over at least eight weeks
  • 2 credits: minimum of 240 hours over at least six weeks
  • 1 credit: minimum of 160 hours over at least four weeks

PA 827 is graded on a pass-fail basis. Students complete a 10-page paper designed to reflect on their internship experience, as well as to apply theoretical and course-based knowledge to the internship responsibilities.

Students also complete a 250-word summary of their experience (see PA 827 Administrative Internship Summary Form), which will be posted for public viewing on the La Follette School website.

For additional, important details about PA 827, including paper guidelines, students should consult Section 10.2 of the Student Handbook, Internship Credit.

Summer Internship Support

The La Follette School Summer Public Affairs Learning Experience Award Program encourages students to strengthen their career preparedness and broaden their placement opportunities by actively seeking rewarding and prestigious internships in federal government agencies, international organizations, or national office of non-governmental organizations, when these internships offer little or no salary compensation. The support is intended to defray some, but not all, of the higher costs of investing in these sorts of internship experiences in Washington, D.C., New York City, other major metropolitan centers in the United States and foreign countries. Summer internship support funds are limited. Students are encouraged to invest in the most suitable experience to advance their career goals, even if they are not selected for an award. To receive internship support, students must enroll in, and pay tuition for, PA 827 Administrative Internship.

Students should refer to the Student Handbook, section 10.3, La Follette School Summer Internship Support for full program details and requirements.