Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs

Because Andrew Merluzzi did not want to find himself trapped in career rut, he thought the University of Wisconsin–Madison's dual-degree program in public affairs and neuroscience would be a good option.

The University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Neuroscience and Public Policy Program has been honored as this year's top graduate program in neuroscience in the country.

Spurred by her desire to help people and translate scientific findings into better health policy, Annie Racine came to the University of Wisconsin–Madison, the only U.S. campus to offer a dual degree in public policy and neuroscience.

Recent alum CP Frost discusses in a Scientific American blog the tension that can exist between politicians and scholars who seek government funding for research.

First-year student Princess Ojiaku shares her impression of the La Follette School and the University of Wisconsin–Madison in her Scientific American blog, Science with Moxie: Musical Notes on Neuroscience.
The Neuroscience and Public Policy Program at the University of Wisconsin–Madison is described in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The article features second-year student Kimberly Farbota and Lindsay Pascal, who received her master of public affairs and is working on her doctorate in neuroscience.

For C.P. Frost, evil is not an absolute. As a neuroscientist, he understands that a quirk in a person's brain may lead to what society deems criminal behavior.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010 09:03

Students pursue multiple degrees

This year's graduation of the La Follette School's class of 2010 marks two firsts. Students in two new dual-degree programs were among the graduating class of 45 public affairs students at the May 15 celebration at the Capitol.
Early detection of and intervention with Alzheimer's disease creates  net social benefits and Medicaid savings. La Follette School professor David Weimer will discuss this finding of a cost-benefit analysis at the Neuroscience and Public Policy Seminar on Friday, April 16, at 4 p.m. in Bardeen Medical Laboratories.
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