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Economic interests and not geopolitical hegemony are behind China's increased economic activity in South Asia, a new analysis from the La Follette School of Public Affairs finds.
The United States and other countries should welcome Japan's unconventional decision to increase inflation as a method for growing its economy growth, economists Menzie Chinn and Isao Kamata argue in a new analysis from the La Follette School of Public Affairs.

Ometere Omoluabi helps West African companies and governments overcome barriers to free trade. Based in Accra, Ghana, the 2008 alum serves as a liaison between the public and private sector to improve the trade and business climate for 15 countries that agreed in 1990 to duty-free trade.

At the International Trade Administration, Julius Svoboda works to give U.S. oil and gas companies better access to foreign markets.

Professor Isao Kamata has won a $37,000 grant from the University of Wisconsin–Madison Graduate School to analyze the effects of globalization on Japanese firms and the goods they produce.
La Follette School faculty share their expertise in many ways and in many places throughout the school year and during the summer. Here is a sampling of their activities:
La Follette School professor Isao Kamata one of six University of Wisconsin–Madison faculty members to receive grants from the campus Center for World Affairs and the Global Economy.

A desire to understand the practical application of economic theory led Jon Montgomery to enroll at the La Follette Institute of Public Affairs

Isao Kamata has joined the La Follette School as an assistant professor of public affairs.
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Alum serves as international trade consultant

1980 alum Anthony Carroll has served since 1995 as vice president and managing director of Manchester Trade Ltd., one of Washington, D.C.'s premier international trade and business consulting groups.

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